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About our salon

The Jasmine Salon prepared for its customers many amazing relaxation and caring massages, packages and spa procedures.

Our goal is to provide maximum comfort and services that will satisfy the most demanding clients to our customers.

We’d like you to come to relax, replenish your energy and feel pampered.

You can also make use of our beauty treatments and various packages that last up to several hours.

In our salon, massages are performed by native Philippine and Thai masseuses. Touch is more natural for the Asian culture than for us, Europeans.

About Thai massages

The origins of the Thai massage date back to the time of about 2,500 years BC, that is, to the times of Gautama Buddha. The Thai massage as a part of what was then medicine used to be performed only in Buddhist temples. Nowadays, the practice is popular again. Future massage therapists are trained not only in temples, but also in regular massage schools. The traditional Thai massage is based on an in-depth knowledge of the human body. If you want to relax, calm down, strengthen your mental and physical balance, then the Thai massage is the ideal solution. It uses energy lines – there are ten of them in the human body – called “sens”. The massage is based on stretching techniques, it uses acupressure points and leads to the opening and cleansing of the energy lines and centres in the organism. It affects not only the physical, mental and energetic aspects, but it also leads to a general improvement of a person’s health.


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