Xen Tan – A fast and healthy tan


Xen Tan – a fast and healthy tan without UV rays in the salon Royal Jasmine Spa

  • A single spraying lasts for 7 – 10 days.
  • For a long-term effects of the tan, it’s appropriate to repeat the spray tan for the first time after 2 – 3 days and then at least once every 14 days, ideally once a week.

Would you like to be get tanned quickly, naturally and healthy? In our salon Royal Jasmine Spa, we’re offering the application of a premium self-tanning spray of the Xen Tan brand, which can be applied one-time or repeatedly. It creates an extremely natural tan even on the lightest skin. It’s without parabens and contains quality ingredients that moisturize the skin.

The ideal solution for a variety of significant events such as a wedding, fashion show, dancing lessons, a ball, a party or just for the good feeling from an attractive tan.

You don’t have to go to the tanning salon anymore and expose your body to dangerous UV rays.

Benefits of the self-tanning Xen Tan spray

Healthy instant tanning free from risk

Ideal solution in the summer

Extremely natural and long-lasting tan

Suitable for every skin tone

Without parabens and alcohol, also suitable for sensitive skin

Cherry-almond scent without the typical self-tanning smell


Instant result

It disappears gradually and evenly

It doesn’t form and leave spots on the body

Flawless result without a single stain

Suitable for light skin types

When it’s ideal to use the self-tanning Xen Tan spray?

When you’d like to get tanned quickly, naturally and in a healthy way

If you’re sensitive to the sun or you can’t go in the sun

If you have light skin

If you have pigment spots

Without parabens and alcohol, also suitable for sensitive skin

If you don’t want to risk the harmful effects of sunbathing in the sun or in a tanning salon

For pregnant women

For eczematous and sensitive skin

„Perfect self-tanning cosmetics! It doesn’t leave stains, traces, it doesn’t colour clothes and smells beautifully. Would you like to have a beautiful natural tan without harmful radiation and without wrinkles? Then try the Xentan products. They are absolutely amazing! I swear by them.”

Eliška Bučková

1x application (about 30 min)

699 CZK


5x application (about 30 min)

2 999 CZK



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